Little Big City 2 MOD APK – Latest Version 9.3.9

The great simulation game of the publisher Gameloft, if you want to become a Mayor and want to build your own city then why don’t you try Little Big City 2?

Transform your very own tropical island into a bustling metropolis beyond your wildest imagination! In this top-notch city management simulation, you’ll work with the Mayor and his quirky cohorts to build it into the best paradise it can be.


• Choose your expansion style: industrial tycoon, technological prodigy, or cultural artisan.
• Visit your friends’ cities to see the effects of different development strategies.
• Unlock unique landmarks and buildings: They’ll produce diverse resources that keep your city appealing to new citizens.


• Help the wacky Mayor make important decisions to achieve his goals successfully.
• Heed the advice of your advisors to navigate tricky scenarios.


• Handle spontaneous events impacted by the unique design of your city.
• Get breaking Daily News reports that recap your latest achievements.

Become the most creative tycoon the world has ever seen — and the best builder, too! 


Download little big city mod apk,
Get unlimited money , gems, diamonds and gold.

Currently, there are many big cities in many countries of the world. Cities growth is a good sign which signals the development of that particular area. If you have ever experienced the big cities pictures like London, New York and Paris having Large squares, bustling groups, bustling commercial centers, etc.

The planning, excellence and management by the mayor and the government behind the glamor and wealth of a city that makes it as they are.

What is the Feature summary about Little Big City 9.4 MOD APK make it unique?

GameName Little Big City 2
Publisher Gameloft
Latest Version 9.3.9
Size 30MB
MOD Features: Unlimited Money and Unlimited Diamonds
Platforms Android 4.0.3 and Up
Last Update 31 January 2019

The little big city 2’s latest version is 9.3.9 its size is 30MB that can be played through android platform 4.0.3 and up.  The latest version of The Little Big City 2 MOD APK is containing a unique feature that it can give you unlimited Money and Diamonds. It is specifically designed for the age group of more than 3-year individuals.

How to Install Little Big City 2 MOD APK? 

Here are instructions that you need to follow carefully to download and enjoy unlimited money/Diamonds.

  1. First of all, you need to install the latest APK of Little Big City 2.
  2. After downloading the Little Big City 2 MOD APK, head over to your favorite file manager and click on the APK file.
  3. After clicking on the APK MOD you can see a notice from the security of android about “Unknown Sources”. To fix it you need to go to Settings> Security and tick on the box that says allow applications from unknown sources.
  4. Then repeat step 3 to continue installing the MOD APK.
  5. After the installation is completed click on the open button then your game would be opened.
  6. That’s it, now you can enjoy playing the game.

Functional strategy about Little Big City 9.3.9 MOD APK:

Functional strategy about Little Big City 2 is to work with an abnormal mayor and his human resources system. By the time you will experience a lot of funny and bad stories that will appear to increase the humor of the game to make you happy and entertaining. Other than that, investors have different opinions and plan you need to pick a plan to develop the city according to your wish.

How to Upgrades and Unlocks Little Big City 2 MOD APK?

As the levels go up and up there will be new features, decorations and buildings that will be unlocked automatically. And you will earn income from the industrial buildings, so never forget to build some of them in the start to have a continuous flow of cash for later upgrades and purchases. Then next thing that you need to remember is that you are not just alone in Little Big City 2 (Unlimited Money and Diamonds) rather there are millions of other players as well around the globe, with the friends features, you can talk to them, add them to your game friends list, and even visit their cites as well.

Little Big City 2 MOD APK can give you Unlimited Money and Diamonds:

Little Big City 2 – is an economic strategy with an innovative pitch. That is an exclusive opportunity to build your own simulated lively city on screen of your android phone. For this you need hundreds of different tools and elements. You have to start everything from the very beginning at the initial level and expand boundaries of villages, layouts of roads, build houses, schools, shops and other important academic institutions.

You can also visit cities of other players, invite them to your excursions, share experiences with them and offer them your own bolder ideas. Implementation of interesting ideas and straight monuments or objects that will be of interest to peoples of the city and its guests. This will raise the reputation, due to which number of residents will increase, economy will rise employment opportunities will be created. Earn on tourists, develop your city into a real metropolis and become the best city ever.

Watch Gameplay video for Installation of Little Big City Mod Apk

Little Big City 2 Mod Features: *Resources unlimited No have to be compelled to transfer or install any software/programs automobile – update system Tested and undetectable. *No transfer needed/24/7 on-line access terribly straightforward to use by anyone and it’s an awfully easy interface. *Not of the root(Android) or jailbreak(iOS) is needed. Anti-Ban System for the protection of your account(you can ne’er get banned) *Our on-line Hack Tool work with on all golem, iOS devices, together with the iPhone, the iPad and iPod mini and iPod bit

FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions)

What is Little Big City 2 Mod APK?

Little city 2 Mod APK is a MOD application of little City 2 in this app you can able to get the Unlimited Money and Unlimited diamonds from which you can able used to build your own Capital City and you can upgrade anything for free that you want.

Is Little Big City 2 Mod apk free for download?

Yes, Little city 2 Mod APK is totally free. We just need to mod this application for this do not need to pay even a single dollar.

Do i have to root my device?

Now you don’t have to root your Android device, and even it will not harm your Android device, itself simple official app and it does not have any malicious file in this APK file. So, we can clearly clarify that we don’t need a root device to install the Little Big City 2 mod apk.

Do i have to pay for downloading the Little Big city 2 mod apk?

No, you don’t need to pay even a single dollar. It’s completely free.

How can i download the little big city 2 mod free?

You don’t need to do anything just need to click on the little big city 2 MOD APK download link you will be redirected to the page and the app will be downloaded on your phone.

Is there any way to generate diamonds in Little Big City 2 without any surveys?

Yes you can, Just Visit and click on Get Free Rewards button to get your Free rewards of Unlimited Money, Unlimited Cash and Unlimited Diamonds.


The little big city 2 game can make one know how to manage a city. And how to manage the operations of top level management. That is an exclusive opportunity to build your own simulated City on screen of your phone. As the levels goes up and up there will be new features, decorations and buildings that will be unlocked automatically and you can get unlimited money and diamonds.